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To celebrate Passover

A gluten free cake in celebration of Passover.

You’re Hired!

Celebrate a new job with some carrot cake!

Birthday Brownie

If you are opting out of cake, please be informed you have other options.

Leave Us a Review

We had a great time working with you!

Best in Show

We love our pets.

Dessert Tasting Party

The. Best. Carrot Cake.

Is that bragging?

Get Your Own

Individual serving angel food cakes drizzled with dark chocolate ganache delivered to a party on Jupiter Island.

Merry Birthday

For a Christmas birthday…

Holiday Cookies

One of several orders of holiday cookies.

Festive Pairing

Mini Cheesecakes

Individual classic cheesecake servings topped with freshly whipped cream.

Angel Food Cake

A classic angel food cake finished with a lemon glaze.

Gluten & Sugar Free

Made with coconut flour and agave and frosted with whipped coconut cream and filled and topped with fresh raspberries.

A Sacher Torte

A chocolate cake layered with apricot (or raspberry) preserves and coated with a rich chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

When strawberries are in season…

Chocolate Mousse

Individual servings topped with freshly whipped cream.

Key Lime Pie Cups

Don’t worry about sharing.