Tag: Holidays

To celebrate Passover

A gluten free cake in celebration of Passover.

Halloween-ish Birthday Cake

Appropriate for the season, a birthday cake featuring a hand-painted Corpse Bride textile-inspired flowers, and ornate ironwork-style cobwebs.

Crawling with Cupcakes

Mini cupcakes dressed up for Halloween.

Valentines or Anytime

Say it like you mean it.

Nothing says “I love you” like…

Happy Valentines Day!

The Birthday Tree

Double the celebration!

Holly and Berries

A yummy carrot cake decorated to celebrate Christmas.

20 Years of Christmas

A cake celebrating a 20th anniversary at a Christmas party…

Holiday Cookies

One of several orders of holiday cookies.

Festive Pairing

Mini Cheesecakes

Individual classic cheesecake servings topped with freshly whipped cream.

A Sacher Torte

A chocolate cake layered with apricot (or raspberry) preserves and coated with a rich chocolate ganache.

Christmas Classic

Detailed leaves and petals on sugar paste poinsettia.

Christmas Candy Cane

Chocolate ganache all dressed up as a giant candy cane.

Christmas Wreath Holiday Cakes

Orange spice cake with vanilla orange Swiss meringue buttercream icing.

Frost moving in…

Add a seasonal touch to desserts.