Tag: Ribbons & Bows

90th Birthday

Birthday cake finished with a rose and a sugar paste Tilda doll.

Ribbons and Orchids

Our white cake filled with pastry cream and strawberries for a bridal shower.

Sugar Cookies for a Bridal Shower

Our sugar cookies are delicious; they make perfect gifts and are a perfect way to commemorate a special event.


Lots and lots of sprinkles make this cake fun and informally vibrant!

Ruffles & Pearls

Ruffles and pearls for a classic and elegant wedding.

On a Whim

A delivery to Jupiter Island…

A Surprise on New Years Eve

Mini cupcakes for a baby reveal at a New Years Eve party.

Ribbons and Brooches

Two top tiers of white cake filled with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream and dulce de leche.