Roses and Ruffles

Ruffles and Roses on a Wedding Cake.

Is this your droid?

We found him wandering around the desert.

One of Our Most Popular Designs

Cala Lillies & Pearls in a simple, elegant combination.

Custom Sugar Paste Floral Arrangement

We take great pride in our hand-crafted and hand-colored flowers!

Tropical Wedding Cake

Florida flowers on a wedding cake.

90th Birthday

Birthday cake finished with a rose and a sugar paste Tilda doll.

Home, Sweet Home

Custom sugar cookies ordered for a company party.

Safari Birthday!

Elephants, giraffes, lions and monkeys. Looks like the gang’s all here!

Pink Orchids and Pearls

Orchids and Pearls has been a popular combination for us, but every cake is unique!

To celebrate Passover

A gluten free cake in celebration of Passover.

Ribbons and Orchids

Our white cake filled with pastry cream and strawberries for a bridal shower.

You’re never to old to play at the beach.

An 80th birthday cake for a beach lover!

Seashells and Coral

Seashells and coral adorn a nautical wedding cake.

You’re Hired!

Celebrate a new job with some carrot cake!

Birthday Brownie

If you are opting out of cake, please be informed you have other options.

A Girl’s Best Friend

Who better to celebrate your birthday with you than your favorite furry pal?

Florida Reef

Coral, shells, and sea turtles for the chronic reef diver or beach go-er.

When a Lady Turns 80…

Such a fun project! A whimsical cake celebrating Alice and her 80 years.

Sugar Cookies for a Bridal Shower

Our sugar cookies are delicious; they make perfect gifts and are a perfect way to commemorate a special event.

Flamingo Cookies

What can one say about flamingo sugar cookies?